Inspirational/Conference Speaker & Performance

Anakai speaks! With over 15 years of performance Anakai draws from the rich stores of personal experiences of challenge and triumph leading audiences down a path that leaves them more whole and ready to take steps into bettering their lives and their business practices. Her storytelling based on her own life experiences both personally and professionally will leave you and your employees encouraged and motivated to exercise their abilities that encourages personal growth, personal ownership and working for the “good of the whole” that leads to greater creativity and motivation to give their best. Her performance of her original music weaves a thread of encouragement and hope in the stories she shares. Beloved by audiences of all kinds, Anakai has the “right stuff” for your next corporate event or conference. Rates begin at $800 and include a travel distance of up to 1hr.

Studio Work & Recording

Need just the right sound for your next recording project? As a recording artist, Anakai understands timeline, sound quality and incorporating your vision into the music you create. Working with artists of al kinds, including award winning artist Heston Francis, Anakai has been recording for over 10 years and has worked on a variety of projects from children’s music, to R&B original music projects. Her ability to interpret what you are looking to include in your next recording and complete the work in a timely manner will add just the right style and delivery to give your piece the “wow factor”. Faithful to adhere to timeline, add meaningful ad libs and communicate the right feel to your piece makes Anakai the best choice for your next recording project. Rate for studio time begins at $150/hr for up to 45 min of travel.

Private & Public Performance

Beloved by audiences young and old, from over 55 community to jazz and catering venues. Anakai does it all. Curating the best songs for the occasion, Anakai is perfect for the occasion as both a solo performer and an ensemble leader with some of the best musicians in jazz, Anakai knows how to create the ambiance you are looking for your next event.

One client for a recent event said, “Hi Anakai, I was not able to speak to you much last night but I wanted to say thank you sooo much for a perfect night!! You were amazing!!! Everyone cannot stop talking about how incredible you were!!”

Voice Over & Narration

Dubbed the girl with the “Golden voice”, when you need narration for your next marketing strategy for your business or book, Anakai has the power to deliver just the right touch to your next project. Understanding the significance of breath, pauses, inflection and delivery to avoid plosives makes Anakai the one to choose for your next commercial, marketing kit or audio book. Rates vary based on type and length.



When planning our wedding my husband and I knew we wanted to do something different from the traditional unity candles or sand pouring. We wanted to share with our guests our deep love for one another, founded in the love of Christ. So we asked our dear friend Anakai to sing “How deep the Father’s love for us.” Her song blessed all! There is nothing like Anakai and her exquisite voice performing a treasured hymn. We always enjoy listening to Anakai and were ecstatic that should could sing at our ceremony. We will be forever grateful for that special gift and memory!

-Michele M.

I was so happy to have Anakai sing at my wedding!
I had heard her perform before and just knew her voice would be such a special, personal touch we could add to our wedding. So many of our guests raved about the addition of her to our ceremony saying what a blessing it was to hear her sing. She was also extremely helpful and professional in presenting song choices, following up on details, and making time to rehearse and be available for set up. It was probably one of the easiest parts of my wedding to arrange!

-Ashley M.

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